| Notification of New Data Stream |

This is your notification of a new data stream that we will be distributing
from the XDC to the EC & Archive.

The following information should fully describe the new data stream.  If you 
have any questions about this, please send them to the sender of this message.

    Sending to:

	_x_  Archive            
	_x_  Experiment Center  
	___  other ()

    File Information:

	Filename format(s):	
				NetCDF files (but not ingested by ARM):
	Frequency:  		142 files for the time period 
				10/24/94 - 11/16/94 
				(approx 8 files/day)		

       	Size of files:         	3323040 bytes/file
       				(500 Mb total)

    	Source Instrument(s):
    	External Data Source:  	FSL
    	Instrument Mentor(s):  	Ric Cederwall

Additional Notes:

    These FSL RUC files have been acquired to fill in gaps found in the
 NCEP RUC data (sgpruc60X1.c1) for the October, 1994 IOP.  This data is 
 in NetCDF format, but has not yet been ingested by ARM and does not have 
 all the variables and attributes usually found in ARM ingested data.