| Notification of New Data Stream |

This is your notification of a new data stream that we will be distributing 
from the XDC to the Archive. 

The following information should fully describe the new data stream. If you 
have any questions about this, please send them to the sender of this message. 

Sending to: 

      _x_ Archive (raw,cdf data) 
      ___ Experiment Center 
      ___ other ()

No.     Data Stream                     Frequency       File Size(bytes)
 1      sgpallruc20isobX1.00           1 file /day            ~684,494,848 
 2      sgpfnnallruc20isobX1.00        <10 files /day         ~28,685,228
 3      sgpallruc20hybrX1.00           1 file /day          ~1,296,112,640
 4      sgpsynruc20isobX1.c1           24 file /day             ~5,482,260
 5      sgpruc20isobX1.c1              1 files/day             ~18,447,864
 6      sgpruc20hybrX1.c1              1 files/day             ~50,455,948
 7      pyeruc20isobX1.c1              1 files/day             ~47,658,396 

Data Stream Name(s) and Comments:


      Isobaric main anallysis data. The tar file contains ~24 hourly data in 
      format sgpallruc20isobX1.00.yymmdd.HH0000.raw.grb.

No.2: sgpfnnallruc20isobX1.00.yyyymmdd.ZZ0000.raw.grb.BBfYY. 

      Isobaric main forecast data. It is picked up when the analysis 
      data is missing.

      where ZZ = cycle time
      BB = the base time from which the data is forecasted
      YY = the number of hours forecasted from the base time (BB)
      ZZ = BB + YY(the hour of the forecasted data )

No.3: sgpallruc20hybrX1.00.yymmdd.hhmmss.raw.tar.gz

      Hybrid analysis data. The tar file contains ~24 hourly data in 
      format sgpallruc20hybrX1.00.yymmdd.HH0000.raw.grb.

No.4: sgpsynruc20isobX1.c1.yyyymmdd.hhmmss.cdf

      Hourly Synoptic scale 2x2 grid-cell averaged 
      Size: -115 <= lon <= -85, 25 <= lat <= 45
No.5: sgpruc20isobX1.c1.yyyymmdd.000000.cdf

      Daily Isobaric main analysis data in netCDF format. 
      Size: -100 <= lon <= -95, 34.21 <= lat <= 38.93

No.6: sgpruc20hybrX1.00.yyyymmdd.000000.cdf

      Daily hybrid analysis data in netCDF format. 
      Size: -100 <= lon <= -95, 34.21 <= lat <= 38.93

No.7: pyeruc20isobX1.c1.yyyymmdd.000000.cdf 

      Daily Isobaric main analysis data in netCDF format. 
      It is covering Pt. Reyes AMF site.
      Size:  -127.607 <= lon (y) <= -120.862, 34.300 <= lat (x) <= 42.53 

      The data is available from 20050301-present.

Source Instrument(s):

External Date Source: National Centers for Environment Prediction(NCEP)

Instrument Mentor(s):

Transfer Schedule: 

        The ruc 20 km data became availabe today. Due to the limit of disk 
        space at the XDC, we will start sending the raw data to the Archive 
        on a daily basis on 04/18/2002. We will send the ingest data when 
        they become availabe.

        The subset of ruc 20 km ingest data are available on 05/05. We will 
        send the ingest data to the Archive on 05/05 on a daily basis.

Additional Notes:

        RUC20(Rapid Update Cycle at 20 km resolution) data is provided by 
        National Centers for Environment Prediction (NCEP). The RUC running 
        at 20km resolution was implemented at NCEP at 1200 UTC 17 April 2002.
        The data is hourly model data in GRIB format.

        These 20km RUC resolution RUC data will ultimately replace the current
        RUC40 datastreams, but during this transition period both products are
        collected and archived. 

        Please see BCR-00575 and BCR-01067 for the details.

        Please see http://maps.fsl.noaa.gov/ for the detailed information on 
        RUC20 data. We currently collect RUC20 isobaric main and Hybrid
        analysis data.