| Notification of New Data Stream |

This is your notification of a new data stream that we will be distributing
from the XDC to the EC & Archive.

The following information should fully describe the new data stream.  If you 
have any questions about this, please send them to the sender of this message.

    Sending to:

        _x_  Archive             (00,c1 data)
        _x_  Experiment Center   (c1 data)
        ___  other ()

    File Information:

        Filename format(s):     Raw Data:
                                Processed Data:

        Frequency:              Raw Data:
        			1 tar file per day containing 48 
        			30-minute files of the following format:
        			Processed Data:
        			1 File per day

        File size(s):           Raw tar file 
                                ~222,000 bytes/file
                                Processed data:
                                ~30,000  bytes/file      

    External Data Source: FSL  

    Instrument Mentor(s):  

Additional Notes:

  The sgp30wpdngpsX1.00 data was previously released as the data stream 
Dsgp30wpdngpsX1.c1.  The new data stream sgp30wpdngpsX1.c1 is a daily file 
which is a concatenation of the 48 30-minute sgp30wpdngpsX1.00 netCDF files. 
We plan on sending this data starting the week of December 8, 1997.
We will also post process the raw data as requested, which 
currently includes the data for 1996 and 1997 WVIOP periods.